Ab Roller with  Anti Fatigue Knee Pad
  • Ab Roller with Anti Fatigue Knee Pad


    The Ab Roller is one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment because it a challenges me, consistenly! For me, and many the core is one of the main areas of focus during my workout sessions. When I gain weight, my core is the first place I notice fat deposits and is last area where even begin to I see my results. The main reason for this is because I generally have to put in twice the amount of work feel that the muscles have been "worked". Thats not the case with the Ab Rolller! I recently took a 2 year break from fitness and used my Ab Roller on a random day just to get my feet wet. I could only do 1 full repitition and felt it the very next day for the three following days! My mind was BLOWN and my core was sore. I've done hundreds of sit ups, crunches, bicyles and so many more and never have I felt the results with so few reps, and the benefits don’t stop here. Because of the narrow wheel, other muscles are activated to stabilize the our body to prevent us falling on the floor the entire core muscles, such as the obliques, transverse abdominis, lower back, and even the glutes are engaged.

    As well as the arms, back, and shoulders. In nutshell, this seemingly simple piece of equipment will boost your upper body strength and intensify your sessions.